Aluminum specification:

Arvintav is producer of all kind aluminum profiles .we have two extrusion press with 2500 and 1500 ton capacity that can produce all kind

of  7 and 4 inch billets specific characterizes of aluminum cased it use in a huge range of industry for example building , transportation  , communication refinery and others industry.

we can produce all of profile until 36 meters and 200 mm width for 10 tons daily .

we use 12-meter aging furnace , anodizing and electrostatics painting with automatic tables and die manufacturing unit complete reveres engineering procedure.

our contractors :

Aban Air Coler , Tasha , Damafin , Fateh Sanat kimia , Jahad Daneshgahi , Pars Steal , Alvand Makesh , Tavanbakhshi Khorasan