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Aluminum specification:

Arvintav is producer of all kind aluminum profiles .we have two extrusion press with 2500 and 1500 ton capacity that can produce all kind

of  7 and 4 inch billets specific characterizes of aluminum cased it use in a huge range of industry for example building , transportation  , communication refinery and others industry.

we can produce all of profile until 36 meters and 200 mm width for 10 tons daily .

we use 12-meter aging furnace , anodizing and electrostatics painting with automatic tables and die manufacturing unit complete reveres engineering procedure.

our contractors :

Aban Air Coler , Tasha , Damafin , Fateh Sanat kimia , Jahad Daneshgahi , Pars Steal , Alvand Makesh , Tavanbakhshi Khorasan




Wear Resistance Pump

Pump introduction

Arvintav is the producer of wear resistance pump for usage in


Chrome refinery mine

Gold-refinery mine

Copper-refinery mine

In addition, all industries which require abrasive fluid pumps.These sewage pumps are used for harsh working condition, transferring material tomill output, transporting abrasive materials from grinder and liquids with most amount of abrasive particles and

These heavy duty pumps are designed to last and operate long

This Warman horizontal slurry pumps are designed with 4 “entrance and 3” shooting

The output power of this pump is 30 kW and its wear resistance parts are made of heat treated high chrome cast iron (28% Cr) with minimum 55 HRC hardness to guarantee the best performance and long working life




Manufactures a wide range of Finned Tubes ( with aluminum fins ) for the following industrial sectors :

Oil refinery

Petrochemical industry

Natural gas treatment

Chemical industry

Power plants

Gas compressor stations

The choice of a fin tube either for a new installation or for replacement spares is important as it determine the durability and efficiency of your air-cooled exchanger .once you have decided on the tube tarts ( diameter , wall thickness , length , material ) and fin spacing , it remains to decide the type of fin-mounting to be used.


A core tube , or liner , the outside surface of which has been previously polished and carefully digressed ,is fitted into an aluminum primary tube.This tube-in-tube assembly is then fed into the fining machine equipped with three spindles,120 degrees spaced and each fitted with a gang disc .

Maximum Working Temperature of 300 c, excellent Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance and excellent mechanical Resistance.Such discs ,which are stepped in profile and diameter,will first extrude and shape the fin properly and then shrink-fit the primary tube on its liner. Arvin Tav has developed a hight performance bimetallic extrude 8.5 – 11 fins/inch extruded finned tube which combines a large flow area whit a long life duration.